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About Us

Satyajit Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. a family owned business was established in 1979 under the visionary Mr. Rajesh Diwanji to fulfil the needs of quality conscious agrochemical consumers with prime focus on product innovation and cost effective applications.

It is said in the Ancient Indian Vedas that any living thing survives on the following five natural elements :

Leaving Sun, Air & Fire over which humans hardly have any say; the Earth and Water have been to a large extent modified to suit its applications. Earth, meaning agriculture is the base industry on which India is dependent even in this 21st Century. Water, the most important element occupies almost 70% of Earth and similarly almost 70% of all companies globally deal with water daily for their industrial purpose.

The focal policies on which our organization is based is our name : Satya - Truth (right) and Jit - Victory (win)

In a broad sense to offer our customers :

Today, the company is the largest manufacturer-exporter in many of its product lines for the agriculture and speciality water treatment chemicals and the only company in India to manufacture and sell the widest range of "Chelating Agents - synthetic, natural & organic"


To be a leader in Chelate chemistry providing solutions Globally...!



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