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E.D.T.A. Tetra Ammonium Solution

Product Specs :

Physical Form : Clear Liquid
Color : Colorless to Pale Yellow
Molar Mass : 352
pH (1% aq. soln) : 9.0 to 9.5
Specific Gravity (g/l) : > 1.15
Active EDTA Content : > 40.0% (w/w)
Active Salt Content : > 50.0 % (w/w)
Chelation Value : > 130 mg/gm of CaCO3

Industrial Chemicals

We never think :

- that smiling picture of our loved ones in the family album,

- the look of clean glass while you gaze out of the office window every morning, thoughtfully

- your old carpet that looks "(next door envy) new" once back from the laundry,

- the shining, eye-poppingly white A4 paper of our Letter Head

- the softness of the clothes we wear everyday which keeps our hearts warm

are all courtesy of the safe to use Industrial Chemicals like "MetaClaw"

You can blame that morning smile to "MetaClaw" and let life smile back at you…forever !

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